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  • Tips on getting permissions
  • Elements that must be on your email if you design it yourself
  • Tips for developing your HTML and CSS
  • A guide to creating your own reusable templates

Getting Permissions

eMail Liaison employs a system called Direct Permission that is designed to eliminate spam and ensure that the people received your communications actually want to receive them.

With Direct Permission, you can only email individuals who have given you their permission by:

  • Opting in through your website
    These subscribers have actively clicked a checkbox on your site or newsletter.
    This checkbox cannot be pre-checked and it must explain that they will be contacted by email.
  • Completing an offline form (such as a survey or postcard)
    If, for example, an individual submits a sweepstakes entry card, you may only contact that person if he/she ticked a box indicating a desire to be contacted by email.
  • Giving you their business card
    If you received a business card from an individual and explained to that person that you would be sending him/her commercial email, you are allowed to make contact.
  • Purchasing an item from you within the past two years
    Generally speaking, you may email anyone who has purchased a product or service from you within the past two years. When contacting these people, best practice includes providing a reminder as to how you obtained that email address.

Addresses You Can’t Use

Our Direct Permission system prohibits emailing the following types of addresses:

  • Addresses obtained from ANY third party
    Regardless of whether your list was purchased or given to you, those individuals never gave YOU permission to email them.
  • Addresses you received as a member of a club Again, individuals on these lists never gave YOU permission to contact them. Unless you are the owner of the club, and you are contacting them strictly about club news or business, these addresses cannot be used.
  • Addresses scraped from sources on the Internet
    If the addresses were copied and pasted, they aren’t yours to use.
  • Addresses that you haven’t contacted in more than two years
    Permissions have a “use-by” date and ours is two years. If you haven’t sent these addresses an email in two years, you can’t start now.

Permissions to go.
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How do I import subscribers from various email clients?
Using MS Outlook/Express, ACT, Yahoo or Hotmail.

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