Our suite of real-time reporting apps allows you to quickly and accurately measure the performance of all your client and brand campaigns – from click-through rates to campaign-related sales, conversions and investment return. Our reports show how customers are interacting with your campaign at the macro and micro levels.

Higher intelligence is designed into every report, graph and chart.

A screenshot of a report

Just the facts. Any way you want them.

eMail Liaison’s reporting tools allow you to zoom down to the subscriber level. See what recipients did with a particular email or how they interacted with an entire campaign.

Excel Exports
Reporting data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for distribution to your team, analysis and storage.

Campaign Comparison
With our timeline tool, you can see a complete campaign history for every one of your emails.

Email Client Stats
New subscribers must confirm their email addresses, ensuring higher deliverability and greatly reduced spam complaints.

Google Analytics Integration
eMail Liaison is integrated with Google Analytics for powerful analysis of your campaign results and impact on sales.


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