eMail Liaison employs a host of powerful list management features that simplify creation, monitoring and reporting of your email campaign. And because we have established relationships with virtually every major ISP and email provider, your message will get delivered with improved reliability and incredible impact.

Your general list, now managed more precisely.

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Easy Importing
Regardless of your list format, it can be imported into your eMail Liaison account.

Bounce Tracking
We can help track which of your emails bounce back and why, then try again or remove the recipient.

Instant Suppression
Ensure messages are instantly suppressed for individuals who have unsubscribed or marked you as spam. Because our system is integrated with major ISPs and email providers, we can avoid common factors that contribute to spam complaints.

With our timeline tool, you can see a complete campaign history for every one of your emails.

Opt-In Requirements
New subscribers must confirm their email addresses, ensuring higher deliverability and greatly reduced spam complaints.

Preference Center
We give you total control over your preferences.

Custom Subscriber Data
You can literally store any type of information you please, then dynamically insert that into your communications.

Client Management
We give you the power to manage your subscriber lists.

Customer Segmentation
Send different messages to different groups of subscribers based on virtually any criteria, then track the relative performance of those messages.

New Subscribers
Now you can track new subscriber activity without even logging into your account.

Modular Form Builder
Create signup forms in a snap with our form builder tool. You can control the look and feel of your entire signup process.


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