At eMail Liaison, we employ best practices and industry-leading technologies to ensure your communications are delivered and your message is heard. From redundant servers to in-house delivery experts, our infrastructure is completely geared to protecting your data and your good name.

We have your data under lock and key.

New customers are reviewed by our team to ensure compliance with permission, content and privacy policies.

Spam Monitoring
Using our campaign monitor tool, we can detect if a subscriber marks you as spam, and remove that person from your mail list automatically.

Sender Authentication
Sender reputation is one the most important criteria in determining whether your email communications get through to your audience. Our authentication tools allow you to prove who you say you are, protecting your reputation and increasing your deliverability rate.

Best Practices
eMail Liaison follows industry-standard best practices, including single-click unsubscribe links and easy-to-navigate customer preference centers.

Third-Party Monitoring
We employ a number of third-party toolsets to monitor outgoing emails and spot delivery issues before they become a problem.

In accordance with our strict privacy policy, we NEVER share your data with third parties. Data security is of utmost importance to us.

Data Security
Our advanced server systems are housed in a fully managed, fully monitored U.S.-based datacenter with best-in-class firewall protection and data encryption. Security systems include intrusion detection sensors and biometric access.

Data Redundancy
eMail Liaison has numerous redundant data systems and offsite backup storage in place to protect your invaluable information in the event of hardware failure or catastrophic event.


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