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Subscribe Me App

iPad subscribers await with Subscribe Me

We are very excited to announce our new Subscribe App. It makes it a breeze for anyone to join your mailing list from anywhere. With the help of Karen Clark (thank you Karen!) and her coding prowess, you can turn your iPads into mobile subscribe centers. And like everything here at eMail Liaison, we have completely removed ourselves from the scene, so that you can completely customize every aspect of the form to match your companies branding.

For our clients that want a quick jump start on their form design, we have provided 11 themes that can be accessed immediately. From there you can edit the header, subheads, amount of form fields, and even the button title. The sky is the limit.


With the Subscribe App loaded on you iPad, you will never miss an opportunity to capture a customers desire to be on your mailing list.



6 Responses to “Subscribe Me App”

  1. nicola evans says:

    having great difficulty with this app.
    want to use it for an event on friday and when i click on it states sign in but when i put my itunes log in or my email address it says im not registered.

    i havent been ask to creat a username?
    i have googled for answers please can you help?

  2. admin says:


    For the App to work, you need to have an account with us. To create an account, just go to our website and select the “Signup” tab. Whatever username and password you used to create the account is the same you would use with the App.

    Robert Morrow

  3. John says:

    I am having the same problem logging in. I enter my email and password. Click sign in. Nothing happens. It also tells me that my email is not on your system. I used the same email when signing up. What else can be done?

  4. admin says:

    John, from our side we have successfully tested the application, and were able to login. Please make sure you didn’t mistype something when entering your login credentials.

  5. Alyssa says:

    Hi John,

    What is the website to sign up for this app?

    I can’t find it anywhere’

  6. admin says:

    Alyssa, the link is provided in the first sentence. Hope that helps.

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