Introducing Worldview

eMail Liaison recently introduced an incredible new feature called Worldview that allows you to visualize your campaign reports in an entirely different way. There’s really nothing like it, and we’re excited to offer it to our customers.

With Worldview, you can see who is opening, reading and sharing your emails, all in real-time on a beautiful user interface. It’s a gorgeous, simple and meaningful way to see the faces of the people with whom you are communicating.


Full Screen Worldview

Full Screen Viewing
Worldview’s full-screen feature offers the most visual and compelling window into your email data. Watch pins drop in real-time as your subscribers open your emails, click on links and share message via social networking sites such as Twitter.

Share your Worldview results

Share the View
Worldview offers both private views (including your subscribers’ names, email addresses and avatars) and public views (which omit these personal details) that you can share with others.

Enjoy Worldview for Free
eMail Liaison is pleased to offer Worldview for free with every campaign you send. In fact, if you’ve sent a campaign within the past week, you’ll find a new Worldview link in your control panel sidebar. All of us here are tremendously excited about this new functionality, and hope you’ll find it as informative and illuminating as we do.

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