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Did my subscriber really open my campaign 20 times?

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

What does it mean when a subscriber has opened my campaign multiple times? There are three factors that play a part in determining how many times your email can be counted as opened.

  • Most likely, your subscriber simply did open your campaign multiple times. It is very common for people to open an email more than once – they are interested in your email and can potentially come back to look at it many times.
  • A subscriber could have a “Preview Pane” feature enabled in his or her email client. In this case, every time the campaign email was clicked or scrolled to in the “Preview Pane”, and the images are downloaded, the subscriber’s address displays as having opened the campaign.
  • If the subscriber uses the email client to “forward” the email campaign instead of using our Forward to a Friend feature, any subsequent opens by those recipients show as another “open” under the original subscriber.

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